Celebration of the Blood Moon Edit

The blood moon is Nightfall's most important holiday. It is when the spirits are highly active. The one month celebration of the Blood Moon occurs every year on October 7th. The Blood Moon is Nightfall's Halloween time, and ends on November 7th. During the blood moon celebration, it is said that the spirits become loosely bound to the underworld, and can be easily contacted. If a day of the celebration happens when there is a full moon or new moon, it is said that the spirits of fallen pack members (even ancient ones) can be risen from the dead. To honor the blood moon, Nightfall wolves gather in an area in Blackspore (only revealed during ceremonies by the alpha) and make sacrifices to honor the Blood Moon.

Ceremony Dates: Edit

October 7th: Midnight howling and festival to honor fallen packmembers.

October 20-30: Ten days of offerings. An offering is made each day to the blood moon.

October 31: Living sacrifice. An unlucky creature is to be sacrificed in front of the pack to honor the spirits. (A deer or elf is usually used for this, unless we are feeling festive.)

November 7th: End of blood moon. A great hunt is held in the wilds, and afterwards is an enormous feast in Blackspore.

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Full Moons Edit

Each full moon is a celebration. Nightfall wolves travel to the Silver Hills, home of the tallest mountains in the realms, and let their howls sound off across all of Sacred Grove.