Leader (Alpha) Edit

Head of the Pack

The leader of the pack is known as the alpha. There is only one alpha, which is Rhea. She is respected by all members of the pack and controls everything that happens within the pack. Rhea was trained as a Harbinger in her early life but secretly studied Necromancy and has possibly become one of the best Necromancers in history.

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Officer (Beta) Edit

Second in Command

The Beta(s) of the pack are the Alpha's eyes and ears. They make sure everyone is doing what the Alpha says, enforce the code, and speak at gatherings if the alpha is absent. Betas also train the lower ranks and are deadly in combat. Beta wolves can choose a profession of either Harbinger (expert warrior), Shaman (expert medic), Assassin (expert scout), or Necromancer (expert mage).

Harbinger Edit

Harbingers, the warlords of the pack. Trains the warriors.

Shaman Edit

Lead healers. Shamans can heal pack members extremely well. Trains the medics.

Assassin Edit

Very well-trained scouts. Stealthy and can snipe from long distances. Trains the scouts.

Necromancer Edit

Wolves that are masters of the dark arts and black magic. Trains the mages.

Member (Delta) Edit

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Warriors, Scouts, Mages, Medics

The member rank consists of the majority of the pack. Wolves that are this rank can be trained as warriors, scouts, mages, and medics. All members of the member category patrol the territory and ward off intruders.

Warriors Edit

Up-close fighters. Warriors are strong and can take a beating.

Scouts Edit

Scouts are great with a bow and specialize in long-range combat. Scouts are extremely stealthy, and serve as sentinels.

Mages Edit

Mages can control black magic and use it against their enemies.

Medics Edit

Medics can heal other pack members, and can also fight in battles like the other member ranks.

Recruit (Omega) Edit

Wolves in Training

Recruits Edit

Recruits are extremely new members of the pack. They must attend training to be promoted to member.

Pups Edit

Young werewolves. Once they come of age, they can train to become member rank.